Private Lessons

Two individual lessons per week of 45 to 60 minutes each (solo and concerto literature).

Group Classes

Daily classes feature a variety of programs: Workshop for the elementary students. Eurythmics and choral singing. Master Classes for the advanced pianists. Selected student performances with discussion among peers and teachers. Piano Pedagogy Classes for teachers.

Ensemble Music

Study of piano duet or duo piano literature, weekly coaching and opportunities to perform ensemble music in recital.

Supervised Practice

Regular practice periods by experienced teachers and assistants are available to help students work productively

Master Classes

A hearing to select performers for the master classes will take place for participants wishing to be considered for this honour. The audition will consist of a work from the standard repertoire that has been memorised and polished.

Pre Camp (Prep for the Intensive Program)

Teaching of fundamental techniques for the elementary pianists. Course study includes: private lessons, supervised practices, piano workshops, master classes, choir. REQUIRES schedule flexibility, PM sessions only

Repertoire to prepare
All prospective students should bring at least three pieces for study: one thoroughly perfected and two in the refining stage

Additional Features
Performances: Performance opportunities include weekly concerts featuring piano participants.

24 July - 11 August, 2023